So what do you believe about money, your health, relationships now?  These are questions that can begin your exploration into what is stored into your subconscious.  Once you uncover what is there you can begin to remove what you don’t want there and replace it with better programming.  Don’t “think” about the answers to these questions.  Pull out a notebook or some paper and write down whatever comes into your mind immediately after reading these questions.



Current Beliefs:

  • What do you believe about money?


  • Is it easy or hard  to make money?


  • Why?


  • Do you have to work really hard to make the kind of income you desire?  Why?


  • What do you think your parents’ beliefs were or still about money?  Do you share these beliefs? Were or are their beliefs limited or expanded?


  • What did you parents teach you about money by the  example they set for your thru your childhood years and beyond?


    • Did they struggle to “make ends meet”?


    • How do you carry on the limitations of your parents by believing what they do or did?


    • Did your income go down due to the “recession”?


    • Why?


Ideal Beliefs- write down what you would like to believe about money (making it, having it, saving it, and spending it):



  • What would having more money do for and in your life?


Money is just a representation of energy.  It is a medium of exchange that is used to trade for services or products.  Do you know people who make money easily and don’t have to work hard for it?  There are plenty of people like this.  How have they don’t it?  They don’t believe the same things as people who think money is hard to come by, and you have to work your ass off to make it.



  • What do you believe about running a business, is it hard or easy? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


  • What about your clients?  What do you believe about them?  Are they difficult or easy?


  • Same question for your team members and your boss (if you have one)?


  • What is it like to attract new clients and business?  Easy or Difficult? Why is this?


  • What does the ideal business and career look like to you?




  • How often do you feel really healthy and vital every week?
  • How many times do you get sick each year?
  • Exercise?  What is it like?  Why?


  • Do you need to lose some weight?  How much?
  • What is your relationship with food?  Are you addicted to it?  Why?


  • Is it easy or hard to lose weight?  Do you blame this on your genetics?


  • Do you have all the energy you want and need everyday?
  • If not why?


Relationship/Significant Other:

  • Is being in a relationship difficult or easy?  Why?  Where did you learn this from?


  • Do you currently have a relationship?
  • What does your ideal relationship look like?


Life Purpose:

  • Is the career/profession you are in now your purpose in life?


  • Do you believe in have a purpose for your life?  Why or why not?


  • What would life be like if you were doing what you really loved and had massive passion for?


  • What would being a lawyer be like if you could connect or reconnect with the passion and purpose of being in the law?


  • Do you believe you will find your purpose in life if it is not what you are doing now?


Life Balance:


  • Do you have balance in your life?


  • Why or why not?


  • Do you think you can find a balance between your personal life and your business life?


  • Do you believe that being a lawyer wont allow you to find a flow and have balance in your life overall?   Why or why not?


  • What would your life be like if you were able to find a true balance in all areas?  What would it feel like to you?




  • Do you think Life is hard or easy?


  • Why?


  • Can life really be easy?  Can you really attain all your ideals in life?


  • What kind of lifestyle do you believe you are entitled to?


What is your ideal lifestyle consist of?  How many weeks off do you take off a year?  How many hours do you devote to your career everyday?


Is this ideal lifestyle a reality?



Wrap up-  Ask yourself similar questions for additional categories that may apply to your life.  Additional areas of focus can be: children/family, friends, fun/recreation, personal growth, community and any other area where you would like to know more about what you believe.

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